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Most Effective Ways to Reduce Waste in Sioux City

Most people associate waste management with hotels, restaurants, schools, and other commercial institutions. No one ever talks much about the waste generated by construction sites. About 251 million tons of solid waste in the US are generated annually, and 40% of the recycled or composted waste comes from construction sites. The truth is that much construction waste can be recycled or reused. With the recent call for sustainable building practices, managing waste from your construction site using a construction dumpster is possible.

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At Koskovich and Murphy Developments, we understand that poor waste management practices can lead to environmental and health issues. When you hire us for your construction project and dumpster services, we help make waste management efficient. We offer 20 and 30-yard dumpsters, and will work with you to help you find exactly what you need for your specific situation.

Waste Prevention Methods


One of the best ways to deal with waste is to reduce it. For instance, you could start managing construction projects to eliminate errors and reduce waste. Instead of printing hard copies for employees in offices, you can save the data and share it via email. This reduces the amount of paperwork that would eventually land in the bins. Restaurants and hotels can reduce their packaging when packing food for deliveries. Every industry must develop solutions that help reduce waste production to save the environment.


Reusing is a popular natural waste management strategy that can be implemented in many industries, including our homes, schools, and hospitals. The world is doing an excellent job of reusing plastic and aluminum cans. These help reduce the amount of material produced and processed. During construction, all leftover materials should be kept in proper condition for reusing. When reusing the pile, make sure to utilize it properly to reduce waste.


Donate things in your home, school, office, hospital, or construction site that you don’t need and are in good condition. Debris from construction sites typically goes to the landfill. Before tossing all your construction remains into the dumpster, sort through them to see if you can recycle or donate materials.

Benefits of Addressing Waste on a Construction Site

If you have paid attention to the amount of waste in your construction projects, you’re one step towards managing waste more effectively. The most significant benefit you will likely notice is that you will save money when you reuse, recycle, and reduce disposal costs. By tracking your waste management activities, it’s easier to report information which improves performance. Another great benefit of waste management is that you will likely use less water and energy and still achieve your desired goal.

Improving your projects’ sustainability can help attract quality tenants and clients to your properties and boost your corporate image. Property owners want to work with people who can help them cut costs and deliver quality work. Waste prevention also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling and reusing material saves the waste management team from the workload that would have otherwise led to harmful gas emissions.

Lastly, we want to keep our environment and atmosphere healthy for us and the next generations. Proper waste management generally helps reduce pollution, lower CO2 emissions, and less waste going into landfills.

Let Us Work With You

It’s a collective duty to manage waste. If you have a construction project in Sioux City, you may want to search for a construction waste disposal near me or commercial dumpster service, and our team at Koskovich and Murphy Developments will be happy to help you out. Contact us to learn more about proper waste disposal services in the Sioux City area.

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