Tri State Commercial Post Frame Buildings & Kits


Post Frame Buildings for Businesses in the
Sioux City Metro Area

At Koskovich & Murphy, we understand better than most how complex it can be to build something from the ground up. Building a business or organization and building a structure have common needs: innovation, efficiency, and the ability to last.

Our pole frame buildings are the perfect solution for your organization or business, whether you need a storefront, event venue, church building, office, or warehouse. We can build a structure that works in exactly the way you need it to — no more, no less.


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A Dependable Foundation for
Your Business

Our commercial buildings are designed to stand the test of time, and we intend to be with you on that journey for as long as you need us. Koskovich & Murphy depends on experienced contractors and the highest-quality materials in order to construct a pole frame building that can withstand the elements and serve your business needs, all while welcoming your customers or event attendees in a way that communicates your business’ values and personality. Our buildings come with a 40 year warranty on all materials used, ensuring that your satisfaction will last for years, and that our guidance and expertise will be available to you for as long as you need us.

Efficiency & Design with Compliance in Mind

While structure and appearance are high priorities for us, we also understand how much planning actually goes into the construction of a commercial building. The professionals at Koskovich & Murphy Developments are extensively knowledgeable in the areas of zoning and city compliance.

We work directly with city and state officials in order to ensure that your structure is built in strict compliance with state, federal, and local guidelines, so that there aren’t any unpleasant surprises in the future.

A Memorable Location Your Customers

Our industry runs the risk of falling into a “cookie cutter” category. At Koskovich & Murphy, however, “cookie cutter” simply isn’t an option.

We utilize creativity in our designs, and focus on the unique needs and dreams of our customers as we plan. When we say we specialize in custom builds, we mean it! Our in-house engineers and draftsman are skilled in the art of combining functionality with individuality, and the result of their skills is always an exciting experience. We want your commercial space to be durable, innovative, and unforgettable for your customers.

The team at Koskovich & Murphy is built to create energy efficient, durable commercial structures that will stand the test of time and spread your business or organization’s unique reputation far and wide.