Types of Post Frame Buildings in the Tri State Region

Pole barn kits are extremely popular in the tri-state area. Their durability, wide open spaces, and flexible designs make them incredibly versatile, and the ability to use custom frames — either alone or in conjunction with kits — means that there’s a wide variety of pole barn designs available.

Post frame

Types of Wood Pole Barn Kits

The nature of pole barns — they use columns for support instead of relying on interior walls — makes for an architectural form that can be adapted to many different uses. Many of our customers are surprised to find that not only are interior walls unnecessary, you don’t even need to wall the exterior if you prefer not to. These are just a few of the options we offer.

Raised Center Aisle

The RCA barn configuration is very popular for a number of reasons. Its ventilation is better, as is its lighting. It’s safer for your livestock. And it protects animals and workers alike from the elements. It’s a flexible design, too, allowing for multiple breezeway configurations, widths, roof pitches, and more.

Residential Two-Story

If you thought pole barns were just for commercial and agricultural configurations, think again! Open plan living is popular, and there are few building styles better suited to an open plan than a post frame building. You’ll have an incredible amount of space, and all the flexibility that goes with it, leaving you room to entertain and enjoy life’s simple comforts.


The open-plan nature of a pole barn leaves plenty of space for vehicles. We don’t just mean a one-car or two-car garage, either. When they’re designed properly, garages can seem more like aircraft hangars, leaving plenty of space for vehicles, workshop space, tools, and much more, making them much more versatile than their stick-built counterparts.

RV Storage

Vehicles of irregular sizes and shapes won’t fit in a conventional garage. But a post frame building can accommodate a wider range of vehicles, whether they’re oversized (like a recreational vehicle or a gooseneck trailer) or irregularly-shaped, like earth moving equipment and agricultural equipment that requires more space and larger doors.


Gambrel roofs, with their characteristic two-stage design that combines a steep pitch at the base with a shallower pitch further up, combine well with a wide variety of structures. Because of the height they offer, they’re an ideal solution for structures that need a loft component for living space, office space, storage, or some combination of the three.

Riding Arena

Riding arenas provide riders and horses alike a sheltered, distraction-free experience that can allow for riding in a wider range of weather conditions and at all times of day. Keeping the ground conditioned is easier when you don’t have to worry about rain or snow leaving the surface uneven. We can even install seating for observers!

Tri-State Pole Barn Kit Engineering

A Pole Barn Kit has every last component you’ll need for the finished structure. A material package has most of the same components, but it’s not the kind of thing one can just walk into Home Depot and purchase; these are higher-quality materials that ensure longer-term quality and reliability. A few of these components assume outsize importance.

It starts with the design. You’ll let us know the type of building you have in mind, the dimensions, its use, and some information about the site. We’ll flesh the design out further, then provide you with a written quote. Once you accept the quote, the fun starts. We get to work bringing your design to life. From framing to the last finishing touches — paint, electrical, and more — we’ll leave you with a structure that’s move-in ready and built to last.


Architecturally speaking, a post frame building relies on a system of trusses that provide strength and proper weight distribution. It’s because of them that pole barns are capable of large expanses of space unobstructed by walls, and which use far fewer supports. Instead, the building load is borne by the outer walls and foundation. Brackets insulate the columns from the elements, providing an extra layer of protection.

Embedded Posts

While it’s entirely possible to build a pole barn with a traditional basement, it’s not nearly as common. Usually, support is provided by posts driven into the ground. These posts, or columns, aren’t normally solid pieces of timber. Instead, they’re laminated, with several pieces of lumber joined for strength. Alternately, we may also use pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete columns that provide even greater strength and corrosion resistance.


A pole barn can go over anything from bare ground to a traditional basement or a concrete slab. While a slab isn’t necessary, strictly speaking, it does provide an added layer of protection and erosion control that ensures longevity for your structure.




Pole Barn Pricing

As you’re likely to have gathered from the wide variety of buildings we offer, each project we undertake has different needs, and as such poses different challenges and opportunities. Furthermore, size, materials choices, and any number of finishing touches will also change the scope of the project. For this reason, our pricing — like our builds — is not one size fits all. You will receive a quote that’s as individualized as your needs.

The Pole Barn Construction Process

We strive to keep our process streamlined and transparent at every step. We will evaluate your design against the proposed site, taking into consideration not only its size and use, but also any engineering concerns that may arise. Once the design is finalized, you’ll receive a written quote. Upon acceptance, we’ll get to work bringing that design to life, with every detail — from the first beam to sweeping up the last speck of dust — attended to. Once we’re done, you’re left with a turnkey structure that will last you for years to come.