Carports & Covered Sheds in Sioux City

For nearly as long as there have been cars, there have been carports. The idea really took hold with architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who incorporated them into a number of his own designs, including the Lowell Walter House in Independence, and the Douglas Grant House in Cedar Rapids. Over the years, more homeowners and business owners in the Tri-State region have warmed to the idea of carports, and if you’re one of them, Koskovich and Murphy is here to help make your vision a reality.

modern high quality carport

Flexible Techniques

Types of Carports

Carports are simple covered structures that protect cars and other vehicles from the elements. They come in three main styles.

Attached Carports

Because of property lines, cost constraints, or simple matters of taste, you may not always want a garage attached to your home or business, but you also might not want the long walk to a detached garage. We’ve built a number of attached carports, either as an integral part of a barndominium or commercial pole-frame building, or as add-ons to existing structures.

Open-Sided Carports

On the other hand, perhaps you prefer a detached structure. In that case, an open-sided carport — that can actually be enclosed on one to three sides, if you’d like — is a viable alternative, even as a supplement to an existing garage.

Custom Carports

Koskovich and Murphy also builds custom post-frame buildings, and we apply what we know to our carport work as well. Perhaps you want something with enclosed sides. Maybe you need a carport with a storage shed or a small workshop. Perhaps you want a structure that is longer, or wider, than a conventional structure. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Benefits of Carports

Carports offer your home or business a number of benefits.


If you’re from the Tri-State region, you don’t need us to tell you that the weather here goes to extremes (and if you’re not from here, no worries — you’ll find out soon enough). A carport, especially when it’s attached or enclosed on one or more sides, protects your vehicle from sun, rain, and snow, while also limiting the amount of snow removal you’re doing in the wintertime.


You can use a carport to protect anything you’d protect in a garage — and more. Don’t forget, a carport is easier to scale, so RVs, boats, farm equipment, and other large or irregular pieces that might not fit in a conventional garage could benefit from a carport.


You don’t even have to use a carport for vehicles or machinery. If you want a shady spot for family reunions, a covered space for a “garage” sale or flea market, or an impromptu gazebo, you’ve got it. Carports can be used for outdoor shade in the summertime, extending your usable outdoor space, and then given back to parking in inclement weather — something that’s useful to homes and businesses alike.

Carports vs. Garages

Trying to decide between a carport and a garage? The good news: we can build both. Better news: if you’re on the fence, we can help you decide. Carports require fewer materials and labor than a garage of a similar size, making them less expensive to build. Garages do provide more protection against the elements, but as we’ve seen, they’re not always the most practical option available. Then again, the two can be used together — including by attaching a carport to a garage to provide a bit of extra shelter for an RV, a boat, or something else that might only see seasonal use.

Building a Carport: Our Process

Let’s say you accept that quote. Now what? Let’s step back to look at the process from start to finish:

  • The design phase, where you’ll pick your location, dimensions, and finishing options
  • Arranging permits and inspections
  • The build process
  • A final inspection by both code enforcers and the property owner

Your carport will be ready for use from the day we finish work, requiring only minimal maintenance from you going forward.

Why Choose Koskovich and Murphy?

Carports are popular enough that kits and portable options are becoming increasingly popular. But why not leave the work to someone else, without having to second-guess whether the end result will survive the elements or the passage of time? At Koskovich and Murphy, we stand by our work, both with a hard-earned reputation and with a warranty. To see what we can do for you, get in touch today.