Tri City Post Frame Building

Looking for the best post-frame buildings and pole barns in the Tri-State area? This form of construction has been popular for decades for its simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effective nature — and Koskovich and Murphy is the company that more businesses and homeowners turn to when it’s time for a post-frame building of their own.

Post-Frame Building vs Steel Frame Building

If you’re trying to choose between post-frame and steel buildings, you’ll find a number of similarities between the two. Both offer design flexibility with fewer structural constraints, and energy efficiency thanks to fewer thermal breaks. However, post-frame buildings add some advantages of their own.

Structural Advantages

A post-frame building requires no foundation, and so requires less site preparation. The use of natural materials is more sustainable. Construction speed is also quicker, saving on time and labor.

Average Cost of Post-Frame Buildings

From design to site to finishing touches, each pole barn and post-framed building we construct is different from the others. With that being said, pole barns are less expensive on the whole than a comparably-designed steel structure.

How Long do Post-Frame Buildings Last?

With proper design and construction, a post-frame building will last 40 – 60 years. With newer building techniques and lumber treatments, that number is expected to be longer still!


anything is possible

Types of Post-Frame Buildings

Nearly anything that can be built in a traditional stick-built style can be built using post-frame construction — as can a number of structures that wouldn’t be possible using stick-built framing.It starts with the design. You’ll let us know the type of building you have in mind, the dimensions, its use, and some information about the site. We’ll flesh the design out further, then provide you with a written quote. Once you accept the quote, the fun starts. We get to work bringing your design to life. From framing to the last finishing touches — paint, electrical, and more — we’ll leave you with a structure that’s move-in ready and built to last.


From a low-slung ranch to a spacious two-story house, post-frame designs make great homes. Open-plan layouts, strong construction, and flexible design options mean a house that’s as unique as those living in it!


Retail with wide-open aisles? An auto dealership with an attached service center? A manufacturing facility that increases efficiency and lowers overhead? The short answer is “yes,” thanks to cost-effective and versatile construction.


In some areas, mixed-use construction helps to minimize smaller lots. Whether you’re mixing ground-floor retail with upper-floor office space, a bar or restaurant with apartments, or choosing a configuration from your own imagination, a pole barn gives you endless possibilities.


From municipal complexes that provide a locus for city government and community alike, to motor pools, DPW staging areas, and recycling sheds, pole barn construction is uniquely suited to budget-conscious municipalities.

Warehouses and Storage

As more and more individuals are choosing online shopping, it’s having a major impact on the built environment. Whether you’re a storage company operator, a major distributor, a 3PL company, or a last-mile shipper, pole-frame buildings make great warehousing and storage solutions.

Our Process

Our work begins long before the first column is driven. From design to site preparation, to permits, engineering, and construction, we provide a full range of pole barn construction services to the Tri-State area. After the design consultation and acceptance of a written quote, we work hard bringing your completed building to life.