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Beginning new construction  is intimidating. There are so many options available and the costs add up quickly. At Koskovich And Murphy ,we are committed to creating custom residential and commercial post frame buildings that are at once beautiful, durable, and affordable.

Request a general contractor quote for post frame construction in Iowa.

What Is Post Frame Construction?

Also called pole barn buildings, post frame construction is often misunderstood and severely underrated. Though post frame construction has traditionally been used for barns and other agricultural buildings, this style of building is quite flexible and well-suited to a variety of uses. Supported by large poles or posts that are buried into the ground or a concrete slab foundation,post frame construction offers a simple yet effective solution to many new construction challenges.

Why Choose Custom Post Frame Construction?

Post frame construction is gaining in popularity, with good reason. Our custom post frame buildings in the Tri-state area offer the following benefits:

  • Affordable: Concrete slab foundations require less construction than traditional building with basement foundations
  • Energy Efficient: The spacing of studs in post frame construction allows for better insulation and superior energy efficiency
  • Fast Construction: The simplicity of post frame construction means you get a custom residential, commercial, oragricultural buildingin less time than with traditional construction
  • Flexible: The simplicity of post frame construction makes it ideal for commercial, agricultural and residential purposes and a variety of home styles. Open floor plans allow for customization
  • Low Maintenance: Steel panel exteriors require less upkeep than other building materials

Cost Factors For Post Frame Construction General Contractor Quote

Many factors influence a general contractor quote for post frame construction. The total cost of your residential, commercial, or agricultural new construction building depends on:


The physical location of your new building affects the cost of new construction in many ways. The cost of transporting materials to the site must be considered, especially if the site is very remote. Preparing the site itself is also a factor. Post frame construction uses less materials and requires less preparation than traditional construction.

Size Of Building

Naturally, larger buildings require more materials and site preparation than smaller buildings. We design our custom post frame construction buildings with the client’s needs in mind. We work with you to create a building with enough space to meet its intended purposes.


Though the design of post frame construction is simple, it is also very flexible. Options like materials, doors, foundation choices, and finishes affect the final cost of your general contractor quote.


Post frame construction is generally faster than other building methods, which translates into a lower quote and final price. Our general contractors can work according to your timeline.

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