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Agricultural Buildings And Structures In Iowa

There are many more types of farm buildings than just barns. The agricultural industry and small hobby farms need many structures to keep them running. Our agricultural construction company in Iowa designs and builds custom pole barns for residential and commercial use.

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Types of Agricultural Buildings We Build

Types of Agricultural Buildings

Our pole barn builders create many types of commercial and residential farm buildings.


Barns are the most widely known farm buildings, but that doesn’t mean they were all created equally. A custom barn takes into account exactly how many animals you have and what type, as well as other functions of your farm. A barn may double as a tack shop or storage if it makes the most sense for your agricultural property.

Residential Homes

If you live on your farm or you would like to, you’ll need a house that fits your family. Custom pole barn homes are an affordable, energy-efficient option for families who want new construction in Iowa. Our flexible floorplans are suitable for single farmers, empty nesters, or a large family. If you’re looking for an entirely different style, consider a barndominium.

Storage Buildings

If you’ve got an agricultural property of any kind, you need storage. Whether you’re looking for a several story high facility for cold storage of crops or a simple building for keeping your farm equipment, we can help. Let us know what you need to store and how your current storage solutions are falling short, and we’ll create an agricultural storage solution for you.

How it Works

At Koskovich And Murphy, we make it easy and affordable to build custom agricultural buildings on your residential or commercial property. We work alongside you from start to finish, addressing your needs, pain points and budget constraints to build something that is truly custom and truly beautiful.


Our goal is to provide affordable custom agricultural buildings that don’t break the bank.A consultation with Koskovich and Murphy includes a free quote and the expertise you need to prioritize the most features. We aim for accuracy in our quote and communicate throughout the building process so you know as soon as any changes occur.


There are endless factors when it comes to building new construction that affect the timeline of a project. In general pole barn buildings can be designed and constructed faster than other styles of buildings. Our industry expertise allows us to have a good idea on how long processes take and what the current availability of materials is. If anything changes, we communicate transparently so you can adjust your plans.

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if you don’t see what you need, just ask! Our agricultural construction company is ready to hear your needs and construct a custom farm building just for you. Get a FREE quote today and let’s build together!