Providing guidance and expertise from the first post to the final nail.

Pole Barn Repairs & Maintenance in Sioux City

Post Frame Building Repair & Maintenance

One of the most important steps in our building process is the one that comes after the project is technically complete. Part of our dedication to our work and our customers shows up in the ongoing care of the structures we build.

We know that parts get old, winds get surprisingly strong, and that repairs are simply part of life. Our materials all come with a 40 year warranty, and we plan to be there if any of those materials need replacement or repair.

Repair & Replacement Services

We understand that repairs are inevitable in the world of home building, and that parts have a tendency to need replacement every once in a while. This is why all of our parts and materials come with a 40 year warranty, and why we strive to cultivate long lasting relationships with our loyal customers. In the case of repairs, one of our experienced professionals will personally visit your location in order to field-verify your repair needs. Once fully-assessed, we’ll provide you with an estimate of the work that needs to be done. Our goal is keep our customers happy, safe, and satisfied long after their project is completed.



Growth and change is always a part of life, and that goes for your post frame buildings, too! Whether you’d like to expand your equestrian facilities, or want to put a new addition on your completed and lived-in post frame home, we are happy to help! We’ll approach your new addition with the same level of meticulous care that we use in our building process, keeping the lines of communication open and your needs at the top of our priorities.