Custom Post Frame Buildings in Sioux City & The Tri State

Good-looking, durable, and flexible, custom post-frame buildings are a great alternative to complicated stick-built options and a popular choice for a wide range of applications. But what do you do when your needs or taste are a bit outside the box? You get in touch with Koskovich and Murphy Developments, and we will design a post-frame building that’s the perfect fit because it’s designed and built from the ground up to your specifications.


Post-Frame Building Benefits

Besides the flexibility, what other advantages are offered by a custom post-frame building? Some might surprise you.

How Safe Are Post-Frame Buildings?

In a word: very. To begin with, the architecture of a post-frame building has fewer breaks than a stick-built structure, giving you better insulation and overall strength. What’s more, the load is distributed and borne differently — by columns instead of load-bearing walls — so there’s less chance of shear or uplift damage by natural forces like snow, high winds, and even tornadoes. And of course, our buildings are built to code and will pass inspection, so you’ll never need to worry.

How Easy is it to Customize a Post-Frame Building?

This is the part that surprises most of our customers since many come to Koskovich and Murphy after seeing other builders’ kit-based builds that have more of a cookie-cutter feel. While it’s possible to build multiple buildings on the same property (and there are times when that makes the most sense, for a number of reasons), there’s also a wide degree of customization possible.

Types of Pole Barns

There are many kinds of pole barns available — a good many of which, the name aside, aren’t even barns. Barndominiums, sheds, garages, pole barns, and an endless assortment of other buildings, from stores to gyms to libraries can all take advantage of this cost-effective building method.

Average Cost to Build a Custom Post-Frame Building

Every project we undertake is unique, with even the same type of building incurring different costs depending on site conditions, size, and the kinds of finishing options (paint, glass, electrical, and the like) you choose. That said, a combination of lower site prep, sustainable materials, and a construction method that saves on both materials and labor all lead to lower costs than a comparable metal building or a traditional frame building.

Custom Pole Buildings: Our Process

Speaking of cost and a custom post-frame building quote, let’s take a closer look at how we arrive at that number and what comes next. Once you accept the quote, the fun starts. We get to work bringing your design to life. From framing to the last finishing touches — paint, electrical, and more — we’ll leave you with a structure that’s move-in ready and built to last.

  • We begin with a custom design, during which you choose your style, dimensions, color, and finishes
  • The permit process, during which any local laws and regulations are dealt with
  • The build process, during which the site is prepared and the initial work completed
  • Finalization, during which electrical, plumbing, lighting, and other finishing touches are applied
  • Final inspection, by both local authorities and the owner

Remember, we aren’t delivering a mere structure or shell; we’re delivering a complete structure that’s move-in ready on the day we hand you the keys.