Sep 7 2020 / News ,

Welcome to Koskovich & Murphy Developments!

Greetings, and welcome to our blog!

We’re thrilled to be officially launching Koskovich & Murphy Developments, a post frame construction business in the Siouxland region that focuses on dependable, high-quality construction and a customer-centric approach that is unparalleled in our area.

Built on a Foundation of Friendship

In 2019, longtime friends Ben Murphy and Paul Koskovich noticed a gap in the local construction market and knew that they were the perfect duo to fill a geographical need in a dynamic way. Ben and Paul set out to build Koskovich & Murphy Developments — a company that builds for the future without sacrificing customer service in the present.

With Murphy’s construction experience (Ben has been officially constructing buildings since 2011) with Murphy Company, K&M’s customers never have to worry about the quality of their final product. Not only does Ben have the experience and skills needed to construct high-quality post frame structures, he has also built an extensive network of some of the best builders, contractors, and suppliers in the area. This hands-on, sleeves-rolled-up approach is one of the main ways Koskovich & Murphy provides top-notch customer satisfaction.

Paul Koskovich is no stranger to building and running a business — with multiple companies in the Siouxland region, including Jay-Lan Lawn Care and Elite Self Storage, Paul has an in-depth knowledge of how an efficient, customer-focused company needs to run. His experience working with leaders in the local construction industry, combined with his years of entrepreneurial success help keep the K&M Developments team sharp, streamlined, and exceeding expectations.

Multifaceted Dedication

When it comes to building cutting-edge post frame structures that are not only dependable but also beautiful, Koskovich and Murphy Developments is striving to make sure our service is unmatched. We rely on open lines of communication with the customer from the beginning of the process and on through into the future, even after the final nail is hammered in.

Part of our process success relies on in-house engineers and designers who are at the top of their field. Our customers work with our designers in the beginning phase of the process in order to create their ultimate structure — one that will stand the test of time and get the neighbors talking. Once design is secured, we maintain a consistent flow of information so that our customers know exactly where the project is, and how things are coming along. We know that timelines are important, which is why we keep such a close eye on the process and quality of your build.

We’ll also make sure all of the fine print is taken care of — from zoning requirements to the necessary permits, your structure will always be on the up-and-up in the proper official capacities.

Ready to Roll Up Our Sleeves

The people in the Siouxland region are some of the most dedicated, hard-working people we know, and we’re thrilled to be able to help them finally get the post-frame structure they’ve always wanted, whether that’s a full-scale equestrian facility or a perfectly-suited workshop in the backyard.

If you’re simply curious about our services, or are actually ready to get down to design, we’d love to talk! Head on over to our contact form and one of our customer service professionals will be in touch.