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Buyer’s Guide: Best Barndominium Floor Plans Ideas for Sioux City Families

For some people, an empty page or a blank canvas can be intimidating. With what should you fill the space? Where do you even start? But when you’re designing a barndominium in Sioux City, that clean sheet is great news; it’s a sign that the future is full of possibilities, constrained only by your imagination and budget. For help getting your dream home from mind to paper to finished project, it’s a great idea to draw on the experience of a post-frame building contractor like Koskovich and Murphy.

Barndominium Design Considerations

During the design phase, there’s plenty of flexibility; your plan is likely to evolve and see some changes before we get to work. But proper planning is at the core of what we do because it helps to anticipate and address problems, keep us on deadline, and keep you on budget. So what are we taking into consideration?

Site Size and Layout

If you have a good-sized parcel of land, your possibilities are practically endless. Barndominiums can be built as single-story or two-story structures, and your new home can sprawl out as much as you’d like. But on smaller properties or ones that have an irregular layout, building up may be a better option than building out in order to maximize the footprint.

Who’s Living In Your Barndominium?

This requires a bit of forethought. After all, you may be building for yourself and your spouse now, but what if your family grows? Conversely, if your kids are older and will soon be setting out on their own, it’s also worth thinking longer-term about the number and size of bedrooms you’ll need, and other amenities that will be incorporated as a result. Other decisions—like a home that’s suitable for aging in place—will likewise influence your design choices and even your finishing materials.

How Will You and Your Family Use Your Home?

The perfect home is different for everyone. Maybe you’re spending a lot of time outdoors or on the road. On the other hand, your idea of a perfect evening could be having friends over for an elaborate home-cooked meal, or maybe ordering takeout and sitting down with the family for movie night is more your speed. Those of us working from home, likewise, will have different needs than those who commute to work.

At a bare minimum, you’ll want:

  • A kitchen with a good layout and plenty of workspace
  • A master bedroom, with a master bath
  • Sufficient bedrooms and bathrooms for kids and guests
  • A living room
  • A dining area

What Extras Might Be Good to Have?

We’re also fans of flex space. You may only need a guest bedroom once or twice a year, for instance, but that doesn’t mean it’s wasted space the rest of the time. That room can serve other purposes, like a home office or playroom, with a bit of quick cleanup and reorganization quickly converting it to a welcoming space when you have company. 

Thinking about your dream home also means thinking about hobbies and other activities that would be easier if you had a dedicated space. Workshops are popular among our customers who enjoy a bit of tinkering, or who like to repair the machinery they use from day to day. A studio space with plenty of natural light is great for artists and photographers. A study or library adds a touch of class, giving the kids somewhere quiet for their homework and the adults somewhere quiet to unwind at the end of a long day. Playrooms, safe rooms, home theaters—if you can think of it, we can design it into your home. And of course, nobody we’ve ever met has complained that their home had too much storage space, so be sure to account for walk-in closets, built-ins like cabinets and bookcases, and even storage cubbies near entryways and laundry rooms!

Getting Help With Barndominium Design in Sioux City & the Tri-State Region

Of course, all of this planning is just the beginning. Once you’ve accepted our barndominium building quote, we’ll get right to work. When we’re done, you’ll have a spacious and stylish home with everything–doors and windows, trim and molding, paint and flooring–in move-in condition. Get in touch with Koskovich and Murphy today to begin planning your dream home!

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