Jun 30 2021 / Buyer's Guide ,

Buyer’s Guide: What is a Functional Barndominium?

They say everything old is new again. That’s certainly true in the Sioux City area, where the barndominium is having a moment. What makes this old-style so enduring, and endearing? And, equally to the point, what makes a functional barndominium? As a post-frame building contractor in good standing, Koskovich and Murphy has the answers to these questions—and any others you might have when it’s time to build a custom post-frame building.

What is a Barndominium (Barndo)?

Let’s start with the basics.

Barndominium History

The barndominium as a building long predates the word. When time, space, and money were limited, it was common to combine a barn with an overhead living space. If you only had a small property with only a few heads of cattle or horses, this was an economical way to ensure that they, like you, were sheltered from the elements. And it could even save a bit of money on heating in the wintertime. 

The Modern Barndominium: Sioux City and Beyond

Farming and agriculture are still important in these areas, but neither is as central as it once was. But a combination of factors has catapulted the barndo back to center stage, even for those whose stock trading has more to do with Google than heifers. Many barndominiums today have nothing to do with livestock at all. 

The modern barndo is simply a spacious home that happens to share its looks and pole barn construction with its forebears. And with that use change also came a change of name, combining “barn” and “condominium” to come up with “barndominium.”

Barndominium Benefits

Why are so many Tri-State residents opting for a fully functional barndominium over a ranch house, Cape Cod, or other styles that have taken hold in the Sioux City area?

  • Flexibility: The size, configuration, and shape of a custom post-frame building is limited only by your imagination
  • Cost: Post-frame construction is inexpensive relative to a stick-built home
  • Versatility: Because there’s no need for traditional load-bearing walls, barndominiums are  also much more versatile, inviting open plan designs that are bright and airy as they are functional

What Makes a Barndominium Functional?

Those benefits, real though they may be, can be an abstraction until move-in day. So what makes a barndo functional? In short, it’s the same things that make any other house a home. It’s a stylish and spacious kitchen, laid out for efficient workflow and easy entertaining. It’s knowing that all of your plumbing and electrical are in place, ready for your use and enjoyment. And it’s making sure that all the finishing touches—doors, windows, molding, paint, and trim—are perfect down to the last detail. It’s how Koskovich and Murphy elevate each project from a merely functional barndominium into a luxurious Sioux City home.

Starting Your Barndominium

There are several steps between a bare property and a finished home that’s a blank slate for your life to unfold. So get in touch with us to begin designing and building the barndominium of your dreams. When we’re done, you get the keys to a fully-finished turnkey structure—and that’s where the fun starts!