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Buyer’s Guide: How to Build a Post-Frame Garage

Not every home in the Tri-State area comes with a garage. But if ever an area needed them, this is it. Whether you’re avoiding shoveling your car out after repeated snowfalls, protecting your equipment from the elements, or looking for something that can also serve as a workspace, a post-frame garage from Koskovich and Murphy is a good thing to have.

What is a Post Frame Garage?

As we’ve discussed, a garage has a simple job to do: protect rolling stock, and anything else it contains, from the elements. There are plenty of ways to do this, and in many ways, a post-frame garage isn’t that much different than any other.

But they’re also different in an important way: unlike a stick-built structure, post-frame garages—like pole barns or storage sheds, to which they’re closely related—are structurally much more simple. So whether you’re building a one or two-car garage, or something that spans the same kind of space as an aircraft hangar and that’s capable of sheltering your entire motor pool, a post-frame garage is quicker to design, and also faster and less expensive to build. And it does all that without sacrificing longevity.

Building a Post-Frame Garage: the Process

If you’re considering a post-frame garage, it’s worth going over the building process so there are no surprises.

1. Plan and Budget

Begin by determining your budget. Things are a bit simpler here than with a larger structure like a post-frame home since you’re typically building on a site you already own. We’ll provide you with a written quote before we get to work, but it’s usually a good idea to budget a bit extra in case an idea strikes you midway through the building process, or if complications in site prep or construction should arise.

2. Choosing Your Design/Engineering

Next up, decide on a design. Like any other pole barn, there’s a high degree of flexibility, so have fun (within your budget and site constraints, of course)!

3. Finding Your Contractors

Even when you’re building something as simple as a post-frame garage, there’s a lot to consider; excavation, site preparation, wiring for lights and a possible workshop, maybe a bit of plumbing, and finishing work to tie it all together. The advantage of a general contractor like Koskovich & Murphy is that we assume responsibility for all of it, keeping the process simple for you—you just pick up the keys when we’re done!

4. Foundation and Permits

Here’s where things get complex. Pole barns don’t need the kind of foundations that a stick-built structure does. But you will need a concrete slab, and building codes can vary from one place to another, so even though a conventional foundation isn’t a necessity from a functional standpoint, the building codes haven’t always caught up to the reality. We’ll help with the legalities and inspections so things stay on track and you don’t face problems later with things like fines or insurance hassles.

Call Now for a Free Post Frame Garage Estimate

Maybe your mind is already made up on a post-frame garage. On the other hand,  maybe you’re still comparing your options. In either case, why not get in touch with Koskovich and Murphy? You’ll get expert advice so you can make an informed choice, and a written estimate so you can take your next steps. Call or click today!