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How Long do Post-Frame Buildings Last in Northwestern Iowa?

When we’re consulting on post-frame building construction, one of the most common questions we are asked is, “How long do post-frame buildings last?” It’s a reasonable question. After all, whether it’s a church, a retail establishment, or a home, we want to ensure that the structure we’ve chosen will outlast us, and give us something that holds its resale value or can be handed down to the next generation. So let’s take a closer look at how long you can expect for barndominium lifespan and several other common structures.

Post-Frame Building and Barndominium Lifespan

We’ll address the most important question first, but we encourage you to read on even after you’ve seen the answer. Here’s why: pole barns last an average of forty to sixty years. But the thing about averages is that they’re looking at structures over a long period, including older buildings that were erected using outdated building techniques and, at times, subpar materials. Let’s look at why a barndominium or custom post-frame building from Koskovich and Murphy may outstrip that number, and what you can do to help.


Tri-State Pole Barn Kit Engineering

Post-frame buildings draw their name from the posts that make up their load-bearing walls. In contrast to stick-built construction that underpins many homes in the Sioux Falls area, a pole barn doesn’t rely on interior load-bearing walls. Instead, trusses transfer the structural load to the outer walls, and from there to the ground. The advantage is that you can have interior walls, but you don’t necessarily have to.

The style has fewer thermal breaks, making for easy insulation and protection from the elements. It’s also faster and less labor-intensive to build. But the advantages don’t stop there; the construction methods used by Koskovich and Murphy help to ensure durability, too.


Let’s start at the top and work our way down. Post-frame buildings’ trusses are what hold the roof up, but they also help to provide strength and improved weight distribution. The brackets we use help to insulate the columns from wind and weather, helping to ensure they last longer.


You can’t build a pole barn with a traditional basement. However, the structure can go over anything from bare ground to a concrete slab. Because we use a concrete slab and are especially careful with site prep, there’s a lower chance of erosion that could undermine the structure.

Embedded Posts

The poles in traditional pole barns were often repurposed telephone poles. Those are extremely durable when used for their intended purpose, but they’re not the first thing you’d want to build a home around. That’s why our posts aren’t poles or solid pieces of timber. We’re using cross-laminated posts as well as concrete columns that are precast and prestressed. This improves strength and corrosion resistance alike.

Ensuring Your Pole Barn or Barndominium Lasts

Our buildings offer excellent durability. The 40 to 60-year average lifespan mentioned earlier is based in part on older building methods. Because we’re using newer materials, construction techniques, and site preparation methods, regular post-frame building maintenance is generally enough to ensure longevity.

Why Choose Koskovich and Murphy?

One of the best things about a pole barn is the fact that it can take so many different forms. But no matter its shape and size, its durability matters too. That relies on careful design, top-notch materials, and advanced construction by an experienced post-frame building contractor. So if you’re thinking ahead to your next project, think of Koskovich and Murphy to ensure that you receive a structure you can enjoy for many years to come.


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