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Post Frame Construction – Endless Possibilities!

Here at Koskovich & Murphy, we specialize in wooden post frame construction. This style of construction has a lot of advantages over traditional structure building, and provides a level of creative freedom you simply can’t get from any other style.

What, exactly, is post frame construction?

Post frame construction goes by a few other names. You may have heard of “pole barns,” or “pole framing,” and it’s likely that those terms were referring to our specialty — wooden post frame construction.

A building constructed using post frame construction methods is one that is highly-engineered, using large, laminated wooden columns as opposed to traditional concrete masonry, wooden studs, or steel framing. Because this style of construction relies on load-bearing posts to support the roof system, the opportunities for very open floor plans and layouts are significantly increased.

These buildings are, by nature, more quickly-erected than traditional styles, and the wooden, interlocking frames are able to bear much larger loads. This allows for significantly lower materials costs and faster project timelines.

The benefits don’t stop at financial and structural freedom, however. A wide variety of exterior materials are able to be used on a post frame building, allowing for many different uses for these structures.

From Man Caves to Massive Facilities

Creative freedom on a budget and timeline that fits your needs — that’s the beauty of a post frame structure.

Farm & Agricultural

When most people think of a building made by post frame construction, they typically think of large agricultural facilities — equipment and feed storage, livestock shelter, and similar. And, yes, we absolutely build those types of structures. We love working with farmers and ranchers in our area to design and erect buildings that protect their most valuable assets in a way that will both last and look great… but we definitely don’t stop there!

Commercial and Municipal

Some of the lesser-known uses for post frame construction are found within the commercial and municipal industries. Many retail locations and small business storefronts are perfect candidates for post-frame construction, as the overall costs are lower and the building timelines shorter. Small business owners need a roof over their heads that won’t dramatically increase their overhead, and post frame buildings are a fantastic option.

Municipal facilities, specifically firehouses, are another popular use of post frame structures. City equipment and vehicles need spacious, safe storage, and a Koskovich & Murphy post frame structure provides exactly that.


This is our area of expertise that many people find surprising — did you know you could live in a post-frame building? The open-concept floor plans that are increasing in popularity these days are simple to achieve with one of these buildings, and with the wide variety of exterior options available, the possibilities truly are endless!

In addition to full-sized residential homes, many people turn to post frame construction for an oasis in the backyard. Whether it’s a fully-loaded personal workshop, a storage shed, or even small backyard getaway for a moment of peace and quiet or rowdy drinks with friends, Koskovich & Murphy can design and build exactly what you’re looking for!

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